Spine Aging Problem Treatment With Chiropractic Care

Do you think that you just have to live with back aches and pain just because you are growing old? If so, you are not alone. Research indicates that older adults are much more likely to experience back pain. However, older adults are much less liable to seek care for their pain than those who are younger. Whether you are 29 or 99, there is no reason why back pain should limit your ability to live each and every day to the fullest.

How Our Spine Changes with Time Flow

The spine goes through a degeneration process as each and every one of us ages. However, the rate of degeneration mostly depends on your stress levels. Stress causes the spine to become damaged more quickly. This is why chiropractic care and aging is so important. It is critical to have your spine checked and adjusted on a regular basis.

Spine Aging Problem Treatment With Chiropractic Care

Is Chiropractic Treatment also helpful for aged women?

Two major hormones are directly associated with the female reproductive system. These hormones are estrogen and progesterone. Both of these hormones are drastically reduced during menopause. These hormones are also stimulated by the anterior pituitary gland, which is controlled by your hypothalamus. The hypothalamus controls the functions of the body. By maintaining proper spinal alignment, the central nervous system is going to function at its best.

There is also a problem that women are facing and that was back hunching. Adjustment and treatment can slow down the hunching posture and contribute to keeping the entire body in check.

Chiropractic Care and Aging: What the Research Says

A 2016 research study found that older patients, who received chiropractic adjustments experienced significantly less pain and disability in comparison to those more elderly patients, who were not treated with chiropractic care.

A recent survey of older adults found that those involved in regular physical activity had substantially less pain-related disability than older adults who do not participate in physical activity. Physical activity helps to improve balance, gait, and strength, which are all essential in the prevention of falls. Researchers also pointed out that adequate nutrition and supplementation can contribute to preventing falls.

Chiropractors cannot only provide older adults with chiropractic adjustments, but they can also give advice on exercise, dietary, and vitamin choices.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for an Aging Population:

This Treatment can help adults to maintain their bodies as excessive use of the gym may cause joint dysfunction problems. Improved range of motion can significantly increase independence in seniors. Benefits of a higher range of motion can include being able to enjoy activities and hobbies that are prevented by pain and discomfort associated with spinal misalignment.

A chiropractor can help senior citizens with balance issues. As one age, they may notice a decrease in balance and coordination. However, chiropractic patients have reported an increase in balance and coordination following chiropractic treatments.

Chiropractic care and aging are also beneficial for joint pain which is all too common in older adults. When your joints are out of alignment, they are much more likely to experience pain and generation. Spinal adjustments can help with normal wear and tear on the spine.

Regular chiropractic care is a safe and efficient means of treating pain and degeneration associated with the aging process. Chiropractic care provides seniors with a wide range of benefits including increased balance, range of motion, mobility, and flexibility as well as a decrease in aches and pains. Chiropractic care can help to improve the quality of life in seniors; allowing them to enjoy independent living as well as their favorite activities.

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The myth about chiropractic care

Many health experts are attempting to unravel more facts about Chiropractic Care, but there are still many people who fail to understand the aspects of this Natural Health Care Practice fully. Often a lack of information results in the formation of myths and misconceptions, as we often see with Chiropractic. Today I am going to help you debunk some of this wrong information.

Some of the most common misconceptions are these, and I will share with you the truth behind them:

Myth #1: Chiropractic Care Benefits Are All Placebo!

There are many studies that have been organized on the topic of chiropractic treatment, some of them says that chiropractic treatment is effective for all kind of pain but many of them says that chiropractic care is to cure all kind of pains not just a placebo effect. Now the question is that what is a placebo effect? The answer is that a placebo effect is a belief of people that is happening from normal treatment and also this treatment is off only psychological in nature but in reality, it does not have any benefit.

placebo-cure-by-chiropractic-careEvery new patient has some questions in his or her mind relating to chiropractic treatment such as is that is a therapy that is focused on your body’s musculoskeletal system. The answer is that chiropractic care is a treatment and with the help of that the specialized doctors detect the major reason behind pain in the body and after that, they start work on it to improve your body functions. The basic purpose behind chiropractic care is to restore the body’s natural ability to get retain and function all the joints normally. Even a normal Google search contains a lot of case studies that feel the benefit of chiropractic treatment.

Myth #2: Chiropractic Care is Dangerous!

“Chiropractic treatment is a dangerous way to treat” This myth is one of the most widespread wrong myths related to chiropractic care. Many people hesitate whenever they think to undergo chiropractic treatment because they think that this treatment can damage their body joints and also it will increase more serious risks or illness. As well as one of the worst things about people is that they still think that chiropractors are not permitted or licensed doctors while they have been certified by the American Board of Chiropractors. Even there is a complete department has been in many medical universities.


Here I wanted to clear up a wrong myth that I have discussed above relating to chiropractors. Chiropractic is an authentic and guaranteed field of medicine and chiropractors or chiropractic doctors are also considered as high-profile medical professionals. There are degrees offered for chiropractic, which is an alternative medicine recognized in the medical field and often requires rigorous educational training.

It employs adjustment procedures that help restore mobility or function in certain areas of the body such as the backbone, spine, and neck, among others. Often, chiropractic care is coupled with relaxation techniques and nutrition plans for a more effective result.

It is pretty much unanimously that there is a huge population of doctors from different departments of medical thinks that chiropractic treatment is safer than other medical treatments because when you will take painkillers for any joint pain it will create many other diseases in your body. As well as, you will turn into an addicted person to medications. But in the case of chiropractic treatment, all the risks have been dropped and there is no risk of any major disease.

Myth #3: Chiropractic Hurts!

Chiropractors who perform therapies and treatments on patients are highly educated and massively trained. They have spent their years training and taking clinical experience. Therefore, there is no need to fear any form of pain that you can experience during adjustment. Often not normally, a specific type of usual discomfort might happen but it is hardly substantial enough to result in any feeling of pain and is nothing compared to the recovery associated with surgery. Since the treatment is manually applied, there are several factors that could potentially alter the sensations experienced along with the treatment procedure. In short, chiropractic treatment will give relief to the patient not hurts him or her.


Myth #4: There Are Bad Side Effects

In connection with what’s discussed above, you must not fear any serious side effects from chiropractic adjustments. As well as, there are some people exist in this world who still think that if they will undergo chiropractic treatment they will die or any other disease that will be the cause of their death will attack them after taking chiropractic treatment.

On the contrary, the latest study has proved that chiropractic care is one of the safest forms of healthcare in the field of medicine. This could be the major reason behind the influence of people towards its popularity of treatment as compared to the more dangerous surgeries or drug interventions.


Myth #5: Chiropractic is TOO Expensive

If you will compare medication treatment with chiropractic treatment to cure back or joint pain then you will find that chiropractic treatment is less costly and less risky than medication treatment or any surgery. According to our research chiropractic treatment is 90%  less costly than any surgery or medication treatment.

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Dr. Jeremiah Carlson is a licensed chiropractor serving the Jacksonville community. Dr. Carlson has been improving Jacksonville’s health for over 15 years. As a chiropractor with experience, Dr. Carlson is committed to finding the proper diagnosis while promoting optimal health and well-being of his patients. Following diagnosis he will evaluate for misalignments in the spine and then use chiropractic manipulation to correct them. Correcting spinal misalignments can reduce joint pain, relax spasmed muscles and calm overactive nerves. Dr. Carlson’s approach is to create balance between the joints, muscles and nerves to reduce or eliminate pain.