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How Chiropractic Care May Help You in Neck Pain

Often people experience neck pain and they demand chiropractic treatment for their treatment. As well as, chiropractors will not just cure you of your neck pain but they will also tell you about the cause behind this pain rather than covering it up with drugs. Now, there are more than 60,000 licensed chiropractic doctors are operating in the United States of America and in the United States there is 3 percent of American children and 8 percent of American adults have undergone through the chiropractic treatment each year. These are the latest survey results. This is a high number of percentage as compared to any other treatment being performed in the United States of America such as acupuncture, massage, and yoga.


Chiropractic: How Neck Pain Is Treated

The word chiropractic is a Greek word and combination of two words cheir and practic, cheir means hand and practice means action. So, the total term chiropractic means performing an action with the help of hands. So the chiropractors also use their hands to treat nerve pain, muscle pain, and joints pain by adjusting the spine and on any of the muscle wherever you feel pain in any of your muscle. In an adjustment of a muscle, chiropractic physician uses their methods to control joints and try to relax the force from joints. As well as, with the help of chiropractic therapies they can set your joints into more correct position. This treatment is also applicable to lose those joints of the body which are creating pain or restrict to work properly due to any of the disorder in tissues or scarring. There could be much reason behind this disorder such as trauma or repetitive stress. Here I wanted to give an example of trauma causing neck pain and that is whiplash. This happens in the situation when a stress repeats continuously from consistently poor posture.


Particularly to cure for neck pain, chiropractors perform chiropractic neck adjustments and it also called cervical manipulation. In cervical manipulation chiropractors work to reduce cervical vertebrae in the neck joints and also this treatment will help to lose the pain from muscle spasms and pinched nerves. Chiropractors use their bare hands to move the neck of the patient effectively and snap the vertebrae back into alignment.


The Basics of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors use to practice with hands-on spinal manipulation. There are another alternative treatment Options in this field, such as proper alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal structure, predominantly With the spine, which can allow the body to heal on its own without surgery or medication? Manipulation is used to restore mobility to the joints that have been restricted by different injuries to the spine. Chiropractic care is mostly used to provide relief to patients suffering from pain in the joints, bones, muscles, and other connective tissues — ligaments, cartilage, and tendons — in the back. When conventional medical treatment cannot relieve the pain, this alternative option is also used in conjunction with a traditional treatment method.

He or she will ask for the patient’s medical history and then perform different physical examinations, such as lab tests or diagnostic imaging. These methods can determine what treatment is suitable for your back. The treatment plan may also include one or more manual adjustments, where the doctor will manipulate the joints. The manipulation performed by using a controlled yet sudden force to improve quality and range of motion in an individual. Individual chiropractors may also add nutritional psychoanalysis and workouts into the treatment plan.


Chiropractic: Finding a Practitioner

Chiropractic specialized doctors are highly qualified and train doctors, the use different therapies while treating any patient, as well as, they use x-rays and diagnostic tests if they feel that they are must. But in many cases, chiropractors help their patients with their exercises and therapies. In the treatment to cure neck pain there will be neck exercises include to evaluate the problem and you have to do many of the exercises on your own behalf, the physician will teach you and you have to perform by your own for a better and healthier lifestyle. Chiropractic physicians do not prescribe medication as part of their treatment.

If anyone who is an American citizen and wanted to practice chiropractic treatment on the patients, first he or she has to receive a degree from Doctor of Chiropractic Institute from any of the licensed educational institute. After that, he can perform his duties, but in another case, there is no chance for any quack to play with the health of people, there is a complete law exist, on which police will proceed his work to punish any quack. Whenever you wanted to get admission in any of the chiropractic colleges, first you have to perform three years as an undergraduate healthcare worker and after that, you can get admission into any of the prominent chiropractic colleges.

The course for chiropractic physician has based on four continuous years, in which the teachers will teach you chiropractic learning in the classroom environment and provide hands-on care to patients. To become a specialized chiropractic physician doctors need to do three years more on the field.

When evaluating a chiropractic physician, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine suggests asking about the professional’s licensing and training, and whether that training included the specific problem you’re experiencing.

When the joints will start to mobilize properly the neck will definitely work properly and the patient will not face any pain in his neck. As well as, in this treatment, the other symptoms of neck pain will also be treated. This treatment in which no drug involvement and no surgery involved, is the answer of many questions.

Because each and every treatment is completely different from each other and for every patient the chiropractic treatment is unique from each patient and is directed at the prime dysfunctions noticed during the chiropractic assessment. That is the main reason behind many methods that are performed in the chiropractic care such as gentle relaxing manipulation. This treatment is used to give relaxation to the muscles, gentle stimulation and various exercises.

The primary treatment for joint dysfunction, relaxing spinal manipulation involves the chiropractor gently moving the involved joint into the direction in which it is restricted. Also known as a chiropractic adjustment, spinal manipulation may involve the application of a short thrust in that direction. In many cases, instead of a thrust, a slow relaxing mobilizing movement is used. This can be done for any joint in the body.


Although their main method of treatment is the spinal manipulation, many chiropractic doctors also use other therapies to treat their patients. The following is a brief description of some of the most common therapies chiropractic doctors offer.

Relation of Chronic Pain With Genetics

Definitely, chronic pains in kids are from their genetic issues. If any of their parents have bones issues or calcium issues than there is much possibility that their upcoming generation will be affected by the same disease. So, chiropractic relates to the genetic problems.

A research has been published by the chiropractors, and in this research, they claim that chiropractic treatments are helpful to make strong the physical strength of the humans but it has not the ability to improve DNA or genetic issues and also chiropractic care does not give permission to the body to fight with these genetic issues. Findings such as this one point to scientific explanations for the positive effects reported by chiropractic care patients. Despite the fact that more research is needed to support further the chiropractic role in countering biological processes, current evidence for chiropractic care is very promising.


The researchers who have made their research on the topic have involves all kinds of patients such as of short term and long term issues of chiropractic and they measured Serum thiols level in the bodies of the patients. Serum thiols level is recognized to measure the recent health condition of anybody.  The research shows that chiropractic care re-established normal physiological states after being treated long-term with chiropractic care of two years or longer. Those patients who got relief from chiropractic treatment’s serum thiol levels are high and positive than those who are still diagnosed and suggested to take chiropractic treatment. These patients also showed serum thiol levels in higher concentrations than normal wellness values.

Muscle stimulation or relaxation contains gentle stretches of the muscles that are in tension or stress and also there are chances of using repeated contractions of the muscle that will help to lose the muscle stress. But if the muscles are still stressed than the chiropractor have the ability to use more vigorous stretch to lose the muscle. As well as, general finger pressure method is also one of the best methods to make muscle feel pressure free. Because the chiropractor will use his fingers and thumbs on the tight muscles to lose them.

Moreover, Cryotherapy can also be used by the chiropractors. In this therapy, they use gel ice packs wrapped in a towel and apply them to the stressed tissue. This treatment will help patients to reduce pain, swelling and also helps to control pain in the muscles. Often these ice packs have been applied at the time of massaging in massage pad at the same time.

Ice and Heat Therapy

Ice and heat therapy is used to treat a lot of painful muscles. Such as the ice pack therapy is used to reduce the swelling and control pain immediately after an accident. While the heat therapy is performed on the muscles to give relaxation to the muscles and it increases the blood circulation process. As well as, with the help of heat therapy, chiropractor give relief to the patients by their chronic diseases. Always try to implement on the recommendations of your chiropractor because he knows all about your muscles.