Cost of Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture Treatment Cost, Benefits and Uses

Acupuncture is considered one of the most unique, classical, and helpful Chinese treatment. Acupuncture treatment is near about 2500 years old way to treat people with their body pain. In 1997 research has been arranged by the doctors of .S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) on the topic of safety and efficacy of treating people through acupuncture treatment. In the modern era, acupuncture treatment is mostly used to give relief to the patient from pains in the body.

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is considered as the best alternative to medication treatment, in this treatment, the doctors insert needles in the patient’s body at specific points. The specific way of inserting needles into the body is one of the key objectives of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Traditional Chinese Medication treatments do not base on scientific knowledge, even the practices of the treatment are also not based on scientific knowledge, and this treatment is completely a pseudoscience. There are a vast number of acupuncture theories exist which generally based on different classical Chinese philosophies and also each and every technique or method of treating people with the help of this treatment is completely suggested by the area or country, not by the situation of the patient or its disease.

In the United States of America, this method is one of the most used methods to treat people. Commonly this treatment is used to give relief to patients from their pain in the body while this treatment is not specific for pain but it is also used to treat people for many other diseases. The results of many systematic reviews and trials of acupuncture treatment are collected in a wide range and in the end, the analyses have disclosed that this treatment is well enough for many painful situations. But here a question is raised how does this treatment work? Let’s find them together in the same article.

How do Acupuncture Treatments work?

The doctors of acupuncture work on the body of the patient and create those tissues in the body which make it heal with its inner abilities by motivating some anatomic points of the body and on the acupuncture points or on the acupoints of the body they insert needles to give instant relief to the patient. Inserting needles into the skin of the patient is one of the most common techniques to stimulate acupoints by itself. Electrical, pressure, or heat spur has the ability to show its effects on the spot or you can say that these are being used to give instant relief. Except for inserting needles into the patient’s skin, there are many other methods by which the patient is treated and all of these treatments belong to the field of acupuncture such as cupping, heat therapy, manual massage, moxibustion, and also the method in which a person apply topical herbal medicines and linaments onto the patient’s skin.

Understanding Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Principles

Complete Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has based on a prehistoric Chinese philosophy that describes the human body’s relation with this universe. This philosophy tells all its bases in terms of two opposite forces such as yin and yang. The theory says that when both of these forces yin and yang will work in balance, the human body will also work healthily. Energy in the human body is called qi in Chinese and it is pronounced as chee the track on which energy flows in throughout the body is known as meridians. The stable flow of energy in the body will also maintain both the opposite forces yin and yang in a balance. Even whenever the flow of the energy in the human body distorts such as if water is stuck in the water tank of our home then the whole house members have to face the problems. The same is the case with our body whenever our body faces any kind of energy distortion in the result the whole body has to face illness, and pain, and functions of the body do not work properly.

Acupuncture treatment has the ability to boost muscles and create energy and if there is any kind of energy blockage in the body then this treatment releases all kinds of blocked qi from the body and also it improves the ability of the body will heal itself with the help of many psychological techniques. As well as, you will be shocked to know that the latest studies have proved that this treatment is effective enough to improve many other functions of the body such as the digestive system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, endocrine and immune systems. When this treatment will stimulate all the systems of the body, it will definitely resolve the pain in the body and also it will improve the sense of well-being, improve sleep, and improve the digestive system too. The average Cost of Acupuncture Treatments is not much high. Our article has based on the same topic and we will discuss the cost of acupuncture treatments in detail, continue reading. Here a question is raised what are the uses of acupuncture treatment? Let’s find it answers together…

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Uses of Acupuncture Treatments:

According to one of the research that has been arranged in Germany shows that this treatment is well enough to give relief from migraines and tension headaches. Here in the below table, we have given all the pains in which acupuncture treatment is helpful such as:

  • A migraine
  • A headache
  • Neck Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Lower Back Pain

As well as there are many other distortions available from which acupuncture treatment can stimulate but also these treatments required complete scientific confirmation.

In the year 2003, the World Health Organization (WHO) released its annual lists which they have listed many diseases in which acupuncture treatment has proved itself as best. These all the conditions are listed below such as:

  • Low and High Blood Pressure
  • Chemotherapy, controlled vomiting, and nausea
  • Control gastric conditions
  • Peptic Ulcer
  • sprains
  • sciatica
  • facial pain
  • dysentery
  • tennis elbow
  • painful periods
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • Minimize the risk chances of stroke
  • dental pain
  • inducing labor
  • morning sickness
  • allergic rhinitis

As well as there are many other conditions exist in which acupuncture treatment is helpful but the World Health Organization said that there is a space of evidence exists and the conditions are:

  • Tourette syndrome
  • neuralgia
  • Convalescence after any operation
  • fibromyalgia
  • stiff neck
  • vascular dementia
  • Give relief to alcohol, tobacco, or substance dependence
  • Pertussis or whooping cough
  • spine pain

The World Health Organization (WHO) also recommends that these treatments are also helpful in many other diseases and infections such as epidemic hemorrhagic fever and some urinary tract infections. As well as World Health Organization (WHO) has also nominated many other conditions in which acupuncture treatment will be more effective and doctors can recommend this treatment. Here are some of the benefits of acupuncture treatments are given below, let’s read them in detail.Chiropractic Care

Acupuncture Treatment Benefits:

Here are some of the benefits of acupuncture treatments are given below in which the treatment is more helpful and beneficial:

Performed correctly

This step is also called a basic step because when a doctor will apply the treatment with full of his efficiency then the results will also be awesome.

Side effects:

Yes, every treatment which exists to date has benefits and side effects. So, the same is the case with acupuncture treatment that it has also some of the side effects not many but some also.

The Combination with Other Treatments:

Acupuncture treatment has no issue, if you will use this with any other treatment, it will work properly and also it has the tendency to show its 100% in any case. Whether it is applied singly or with any other treatment or treatments.

Pain Control:

This Acupuncture treatment is best to control pain from many body parts through its typical needle-inserting treatments. It can control pain such as the lower back portion of the body pain, neck pain, headaches, and many others.

Medication Treatment:

This treatment is completely medicine-free treatment. Even a single tablet is not being used in this treatment the doctors in this field just use needles. Doctors should also be much more careful with needles because if they will insert any bad-quality needles, the chances of infection will reach maximum levels.

NCCIH Guidelines:

The NCCIH has released its guidelines in which they recommend that you should visit any professional, experienced, and qualified doctor for your treatment. But if you will show laziness then you have to face many negative results.

As I first describe Acupuncture treatment is an alternative to medical treatment and also it made the body as it can fight with many kinds of illness germs and also protect the body from many other diseases. This treatment is derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine that is being used to cure people for hundreds of centuries and still, it is the same popularity in Western medicine. The reason behind its popularity in the general public is due to its curative and pain-releasing power. According to the United States rules and regulations, a Masters’s Degree holder can provide the treatment of Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine otherwise he can face a court trial.

Average Cost of Acupuncture Treatments:

There are many acupuncturists who offer session packages to the patients when they wanted to have many sessions altogether. These packages also show their part to make doctor-patient relations more strong. As well as, if an acupuncturist will offer some sort of discount to his or her patients on the basis of the treatment then definitely, the relationship will be stronger, and whenever the patient wanted to have the same treatment he will prefer to choose the same doctor for the treatment. Here we have given some random examples of Acupuncture Treatments from Jacksonville Chiropractor’s customers, such as:

The Average Cost of Acupuncture Treatments for five continuous acupuncture sessions will be near about 410$. In this treatment, we gave a complete 40$ dollars discount to our patients and also he will save 82$ dollars on every treatment.

The Average Cost of Acupuncture Treatments for 10 continuous acupuncture sessions will be nearly about 800$ USD. In this package, we gave near about 100 USD discount to the patient and also he will save 80$ $dollars per treatment.

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