Acupuncture Points for tiredness
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5 Best Acupressure Points for Tiredness and Fatigue

In the Ancient Time, Chinese people uses acupressure points treatment as a natural remedy to cure  Tiredness, Depression, and Back Pain problems. And now this natural treatment is very much popular among US citizens because you don’t need to take any pills, the treatment will be done through organically. This treatment can be done in any weather no matter its winter or summer.

There are also many points on the body by which we can heal our self.

Acupressure points for Tiredness:

Nowadays our life is very much busy and easy we travel a lot in metro, cars, and planes after traveling we feel that we are tired, but actually you are not tired, It happens when the flow of blood and oxygen is slow in your body and the body send signals to the mind that you are tired, And then you need to take rest. So here are some points to consider in order to quickly recover from Tiredness.

1- Top Center of The Head:

Place a thumb in the center of the head and massage it gently,  in the starting you may feel irritation but after doing some time you may feel relaxed, This method will increase your heart rate and also increase the eyesight!

head point for tiredness

2- Sole of Foot:

The Next Pressure point in the body is your foot sole. Our body weight depends on the foot that’s why we feel more tiredness. When our foot tired it sends a signal to the brain which tells that the body is feeling pain in thefoot sole for tiredness leg, so it may force you to get relaxed. Then you need to simply do these steps place 2 fingers in the palm of your foot and massage it, it will be awesome if you use Olive Oil.  If you do this massage for 2 minutes you can overcome from this problem

You can also massage for foot it helps you to recover or decrease many things such as

1- Increase Blood Flow

2- Reduce Depression

3- It Increases Your Eye Sight

4- Helps your body to Increase Metabolism


3- Knee Pain:


The leg is the most important part of our body, our total weight depends on these two joints and they were called knee and ankle also known as crus. Applying Pressure on the back side of the knee will also increase blood circulation in the body.pain in knee joints

So here is the procedure how to do that

1- Take your both hand thumb and apply some pressure on the back side of the knee

2- Apply some oil on the thumb and massage that portion, after doing so you will feel relaxed, and this acupressure treatment will quickly decrease tiredness.

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4- Between Index Finger & Thumb:

Did you know, by applying some pressure between the indexes of your finger pad (as shown in picture) you will get rid form tiredness instant and fast? You can do this task anywhere even in your office or toilets.hand palm point





5- Point on the Head:

There are lots of points on the head which are used to get recovered from fatigues and tiredness.  Yin Tang is a Chinese word and it means to apply pressure on your forehead. Before doing this take a deep breath and with the help of your thumb apply some pressure on the area.

forehead points

Benefits of this treatment on Tiredness, Depression and on Fatigue:

According to the Research its proved that use of this kind of ancient aid by applying some force on the specific points of the human body, the body will naturally release some natural painkillers which were known as endorphins, they will heal our body from pain and they will work instantly even during treatment. They also block the pain signals by which we feel that we are fully recovered.


Get Instant Energy in a second:

The 1 and only point that you must press to get instant energy is the top center of the head. You can do it all by yourself or if you can get anybody to do it for you, it might be even better. This will not only provide you energy but will help you to relax as well. It also improves eyesight and Depression.



These tips are great and will give you instant results you can also do this in your daily life routine, these short tips can be done while doing yoga or gym. Or you can also do some of them in your workplace.